Remington VTR stock modification for Tanaka and KJW M700


I wanted to make one of my M700’s a bit different than the rest, so I started looking for a “not so common” stock. After some searching I decided to get one from a Remington VTR. I like the way it looks, those rubber parts, and the way it’s profiled (especially the grip – it’s more narrow than the stock M700, and more comfortable to hold)

First of all, I needed to get the short action version, as that’s the one Tanaka and KJW are based on (don’t bother with the long action ones, there’s just too many differences). Unfortunately, airsoft versions have a bit different construction, so the stock needs to be modified.




Here is a picture of the stock before modifications – I’m sorry for the “quality” but my sd card died on me, so I had to improvise, and add the removed parts (yeah, I know about my lack of Photoshop skills 🙂 )



As You can see there’s a lot of pieces that are not present in the Tanaka/ KJW stocks, and they get in the way.

Here’s a picture form CAD featuring the real Remington receiver – the front is completely round, and the stock is designed to support it, and that’s the biggest issue, as the airsoft version has additional parts for holding the HU chamber and so on.



So now, let me show you all the things we have to cut out



And why we have to do it 🙂



  1. Tanaka / KJW trigger housing plates are a lot longer than in the real firearm, so we will have to cut all that plastic for it to fit.
  2. Here You will have the most work to do – as i mentioned before, the stock is designed to support a round receiver, and unfortunately it has no place for our HU chamber, so we need to make some room
  3. Small cuts are needed here – about 2 mm deep
  4. Airsoft receivers are sometimes wider (not always), so you might need to widen each side of that opening by about 0.5-1 mm , and about 2-3 mm deep.

After removing all that plastic it should look something like this



Make sure your trigger guard fits, without any problems, and that it doesn’t stick out from the bottom.

after trigger



Well, and that’s it, now with those simple modifications You can have an unique rifle, standing out in the field 🙂



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