Making a custom double barrel shotgun – Part 1

So I got the Haw San “Mad Max” double barrel shotgun, and to be honest I love it – i love the way it works, it brings joy with every shot 🙂 The thing is… nothing stays in its stock form for too long, when it’s in my presence.


I wanted to have something unique, something that’s one of its kind… So I started my research, and found a lot of sources of inspiration – especially pictures of custom made, engraved double barrel shotguns, with carved wood and so on. I was amazed by the level of detail on those little custom works of art, some were so beautiful that it would be a shame to use it for anything else than admiring.


So that’s it, my mind was set, now I had to proceed with my plan – which after thinking about it… was not as easy as I thought in the first place.


My plan:

  • Engrave and change the wood color
  • Remove the paint form metal parts
  • Remove the ugly “made in taiwan” and other markings
  • Polish all the metal parts
  • Design the pattern i would like to engrave in to the shotgun
  • Draw the pattern on the shotgun
  • Engrave
  • Blacken the deeper parts so that engravings will stand out
  • Engrave, blacken and polish the barrels

Hmm think that’s it… sound easy right? Let’s see how it goes…


First the wood – It’s too plain for my taste, and the color is a bit too bright, so I will need to do something about it.

DSC_1403 DSC_1405



Don’t get me wrong, the wood itself is great, well finished and suits the stock look, but it is a bit too bright and “flat” for my new project. The problem is that the wood used in the shotgun is called Amazakoe, and its properties might cause problems when staining… so let’s see what I can do to it 🙂


First I looked at wood colors, and chosen a dark walnut dye, next I had to decide what my carving pattern will be… After a while I settled for classic yet not so dull pattern… hope You like it:



To be continued… 🙂

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